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For almost 30 years, Oracle has been helping customers like you manage your business systems and information with reliable, secure, and integrated technologies.

At the core of Oracle is the ability to store, process and extract insight from massive amounts of data. Access to information is shaping the business world more than any single event in the last 30 years. Oracle has been and continues to be at the centre of this radical transformation.

If you are new to Oracle, a returning customer, or starting a new installation, our service and consulting portfolio will show you how Innovative Softech can make your implementation faster, your team more effective, your marketing more productive, and your return on investment higher.

Oracle Products

  • Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Database 11g Standard Edition
  • Oracle Database 11g Standard Edition One
  • Oracle Database 10g Express Edition
Getting the best from Oracle with Innovative Softech

Innovative Softech’s Oracle Support is one of the most comprehensive support services in the World and can help you take your business to new levels. By unlocking the power of Oracle with Innovative Softech, our Oracle solutions can help you deliver scalability, performance, manageability and availability while reducing the total cost of ownership of your Oracle systems.

We will help you benefit from product enhancements, ensure your IT systems are up-to-date, running at operating at optimal performance and above all secure.

Innovative Softech DBA ‘Vertical Market’ teams have industry experience in delivering solutions to your database and application problems, and you can be assured that the Innovative Softech DBA teams working on your mission critical systems are experts within your industry and at the forefront of Oracle technology.

Oracle Support service

  • Oracle Audits
  • Oracle Telephone Support
  • 24 x 7 Remote Oracle Monitoring and Proactive Management
  • Scheduled Oracle Database Health Checks
  • Onsite Oracle consulting services

With the increasing dependence on technology to support the delivery of transactions and information content through the Internet, the availability of your database or applications is a priority. Innovative Softech has the technical resources and tools to maintain and administer your enterprise application environment and to ensure your database runs 24x7x365.

Innovative Softech’ range of Database Support Services enables our clients to focus on their core business while we monitor their database infrastructure for availability, performance and resilience. The service involves extensive proactive monitoring to keep your Oracle database tuned in conjunction with the system resources it supports. All of this work is performed remotely and does not interfere with other applications or services.

Why our clients require Oracle database Support

  • Low cost route into 24x7 support & management of mission critical applications.
  • Allowing internal staff to focus on higher level tasks that add business value.
  • Quicker problem rectification leading to less downtime, less costs and increased efficiency.
  • On Demand access to a pool of Oracle/SQL Server skills that would be impossible to recruit.
  • Access to specialist methods of support& service delivery that have been proven to work.
How it works

Oracle database support solutions from Innovative Softech include continuous monitoring of your database environment and are designed so that our DBA support team can be alerted immediately should an issue arise. Corrective action can be delivered instantly: via numerous remote access methods, onsite through our Pakistan, UAE & India field consultants or over the phone to your own DBA team. It’s your choice.

Our site offices typically connected to your systems via site-to-site VPN, so we have efficient yet encrypted communications. We have blended together specific management tools & unparalleled DBA experience to create a comprehensive monitoring and alerting solution for Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL, DB2 and more, environments. Through this solution our substantial and employed team of Certified DBAs can react immediately to resolve problems, regardless of the time of day.

This solution is at the core of our support offering; however it is enhanced further by regular health checks, performance audits, bespoke reporting, capacity planning, security testing and numerous other discrete DBA services.

Safe and secure

For maximum security, we follow the Best Practices Security Model. We implement a secure VPN between our protected NOC and the Network Appliance we install behind your firewall. Encrypted access tools such as Secure Shell (SSH) are used to administer the Network Appliance and managed devices.

What we Support

  • Oracle Database 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g
  • Oracle DataGuard, Oracle RAC
  • Oracle Grid Control
  • Oracle Application Server 9i, 10g, 11g
  • Oracle E-Business Suite 10.x, 11i, 12
  • Backup Solutions: RMAN, Veritas
  • Microsoft SQL Server replication and clusters
  • Microsoft SQL server 2000, 2005 and 2008
  • Microsoft SQL server application enhancements
  • MY SQL

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